1:30 p.m. | TUESDAY, January 21
MNOppCo hosts statewide Best Practices Webinar for those interested in learning more about opportunity zones.

Non-Profits Leverage OZ Locations

When V3 Sports bought property to develop an athletic, fitness and community complex in North Minneapolis in the Fall of 2017, few people had heard about Opportunity Zones; the Investing in Opportunities Act wasn’t signed into law until late December that year. V3 Sports is a non-profit entity committed to teaching Black Americans to swim and the planned V3 Center is going to change the landscape of the ‘front door’ to one of the Twin Cities’ most challenged areas, also a designated OZ. Join us Tuesday, January 21 at 1:30 CST to learn how plans for this $49.5M project incorporate equity financing. Erika Binger, V3’s founder and leader, and Sherman Patterson, V3 Board Chair, are MNOppCo’s guests this month for the Best Practices Webinar Series hosted in partnership with LISC and MNOppCo’s founding partners.
LISTEN IN HERE TO learn from V3 as they share the Vision for this project, plans for shared utilization of two swimming pools by novice swimmers and trained athletes, and revenue streams to retire debt while providing FREE services within its targeted constituency.
Non-profits are often tenants within others’ facilities and V3 Sports appreciates the importance of reducing its long-term reliance on donor generosity by establishing its own V3 Center. Additionally, inviting social impact investors to work with them to accelerate V3’s ability to reach important milestones and outcomes is a compelling part of the V3 story and financial plan.

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MNOppCo gratefully acknowledges LISC, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, for hosting our Best Practices Webinar Series.
Verte OZ shared how their Qualified Opportunity Fun is raising money and investing in operating businesses across the country. Based in Baltimore, they’ve made investments in two entities thus far and are seeking additional deals.
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The Minnesota Opportunity Collaborative is a partnership that seeks to inspire investment in designated Opportunity Zones. It brings together developers, investors, businesses, and community development entities to host a statewide project and site directory, hold educational events, and share best practices on a regular basis.

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